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Home Styling This Spring

Amy Hogan from Botany Interiors shares some home styling tips for this spring.

Spring is here and its the best time of the year to give your home a freshen up with a bit of “Spring cleaning’, an opportunity to get rid of clutter and unwanted items and make room for some new decor pieces that make your home feel new and refreshed for the sunny season.

This is the time to put away those heavy blankets and replace with some nice cotton or linen throws for the bed and lounge, instantly giving a lighter look and feel. To make this easier, invest in some good storage solutions so you can organise your winter wares and store them away for next year.

Light and bright is the key here, so introducing a neutral light palette with pops of bright colour is ideal for Spring. I’m sure you’ve already noticed that the colour pink is huge this season and what a pretty colour it is to match with soft greys, or my favourite colour pair is green and pink.

With homewares stores such as Kmart and Bed, Bath ’n’ Table really taking on this trend you’ll find ceramics, bed linen, cushions and even art prints in soft blush pinks making it easy to bring this trend into the home without breaking the budget.

Bring the outdoors in by filling vases with blooms and greenery, the perfect way to instantly bring freshness to your home. Also a great opportunity to inject some colour with flowers if you have a neutral palette and don’t want to commit to colour in your furnishings.

Flowers and foliage instantly make a home feel more inviting and lively. Flowers aren’t just for the coffee table, allow them in other areas of your home too such as your study or bedroom. Pot some indoor plants and welcome them into your bathroom, houseplants love the humidity and you’ll enjoy having the relaxing feel as you create your own little green retreat.