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Love Valentines?

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Into the little touches and thoughtful gifts of Valentine’s?

A card with a personal note left on the breakfast table or tucked into a shirt pocket. A single rose, hand delivered. Two-dozen roses sent anonymously. The gift of a smile on Valentine’s Day is easily achieved for those who go out of their way to share the love around. At The Pines, we’re for keeping it simple.

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Jewellery, the gift of a keepsake

Heart shaped pendants with ruby stones, diamonds, birth stones, gold, silver, trinkets, beads, watches, anything really that comes in a jeweller’s box and sparkles. Surprise your Valentine with the gift of a keepsake at one of our Valentine’s Day jewellery store Sales.

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Love is in the hair

A Valentine’s date is a special occasion. You’ll want to look your best. Get your hair cut and styled, have a manicure. New outfit. New shoes. New you. Enjoy the excitement and be the best you on February 14th.


5 Reasons Why The Pines is the perfect place for a first date

Young love, what a pure and excruciatingly bashful time it can be. Here’s why a community shopping centre like The Pines makes the ideal choice to get to know someone you think Is kinda special.

  1. It’s a public place, easy to get to, out in the open with other people going about their business.
  2. There are cafes and coffee shops where you can blend right in or find a cosy table for two at the back of the room.
  3. With so much happening around you, there’ll be no shortage of things to talk about.
  4. After coffee and cake, you can go shopping. Remember that scene in Good Will Hunting where Matt Damon and Minnie Driver’s characters go into a novelty store on their first date? She tries on googly eyes and he puts on a sailor hat? It’s all too cute. The Pines has its own version of that novelty store at What’s Cheap, outside the main centre near the Bendigo Bank. Have fun and walk out with a cheap but prized memento.
  5. If you want to go somewhere quiet, where you can pretend to read a book while gazing into each other’s eyes, the Elanora Library is also on site.

At the very least, stop by The Pines BWS or Liquorland and pick up some French Champagne to take home to your treasured one.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from The Pines Elanora