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Everything Back To School

The Pines Elanora has everything you need for back to school in one place with lots of the essentials on sale right now. Here’s where to find them.

Australia’s Biggest School Shoe Sale

Make your first stop Williams Shoes. With leather school shoes from $49.95, Multi Fit options for wide or narrow fittings and 20% off Clark and Colorado, everyone will walk out happy in no time.

Sports Shoes

To help you take good care of active growing feet Intersport has a great range of kids’ sports shoes on sale, with brands like adidas, Nike and New Balance runners and football boots discounted.

Uniforms, Stationery and Sportswear

There is one sure place where pretty much everything they need to start the year looking shiny and prepared can be found, happily with prices that are “irresistibly low”. Thank you Kmart for the school uniforms in so many colours and sizes. The backpacks, sports bags and tons of stationery – notebooks, exercise books, pens, pencils and cases. Let them loose amongst the lunch boxes and drink bottles; they’ll love the new designs and colour ranges.

Art Supplies

What’s Cheap Elanora has a great range of school items and you’re guaranteed the prices are right. It’s also a gold Mont Marte Art Centre with a wide variety of art supplies and canvases in store.

A Place to Study

Back to Uni students and high school teens will benefit from space saving study furniture and tidy ways to keep everything handy but organised. Let Kmart’s home office equipment and desk accessories set the tone of ‘achieving goals’ in 2019.

Homework Sorted

Elanora Library is conveniently located at The Pines and is the perfect place to focus on after school study.

Note to self

Stop by The Pines News & Gifts for a full range of 2019 diaries and year planners.

Pantry Essentials

Stock the pantry up with back to school snack and lunch box options from Aldi that are easy to grab and pack first thing in the mornings.

Back to School Haircuts

Next to a brand new uniform and backpack nothing says back to school more than the obligatory freshly snipped haircut to go with the obligatory freshly snapped back to school photograph. At The Pines this can be achieved without fuss at Just Cuts or Busy Barbers.

Tips for Back To School Shoppers

  • Shop in the morning when young minds and bodies are fresh if you can (late morning for teenagers who find it impossible to drag themselves out of bed any earlier!).
  • Plan your visit around the most likely places you will find the things you want, using this article as a starting point.
  • There are heaps of fast and healthy food options to choose from at The Pines if you need to take a break.
  • Enjoy the free and easy parking.

We’re school ready now at The Pines Elanora – come and visit for all your Back To School needs!