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Recycling at home

Think recycling is unachievable in your home? The good news is that recycling can be simple (if not satisfying) and doesn’t necessarily take up all the space in your kitchen. Here are our easy steps for recycling at home. We hope you give it a bash.

Recycle right. Recover all paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans and foil and steel tins.

Do not put recyclables in plastic bags. Use a tub or basket to carry these items to your recycling bin.

Donate your old clothes and shoes. These items do not belong in the recycling bin and if they can’t be donated they belong in the waste bin.

Leave lids and labels on plastic bottles. The recycling process will remove these.

Garden waste belongs in your green waste bin. Do not put lawn clippings or branches in the recycling bin.

Conserve water by not rinsing. Just empty any food or liquid before you put items in the recycling bin.

Take care not to put waste in your recycling bin. Make a conscious effort to separate your recyclables and waste and place them in the correct bins.

Compost food scraps. These can be used on your garden as fertiliser.

Have local council or private recyclers take your whitegoods (fridges, washing machine, dryers etc).

Electronic waste. Enlist the services of electronic retailers who have recycling bins for discarded appliances (mobile phones, batteries etc).

What Can I Recycle – download Fact Sheet