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Retailer Centre
Retailer Centre


3.1 After Hours Contacts

All tenants are required to provide Centre Management with a list of authorised names and phone numbers of staff to be contacted should an emergency arise in your tenancy after hours. Please ensure that we are notified of any changes. The information provided will remain confidential.

3.2 Alterations to Premises

Prior to commencing any alterations to your shop you are required to contact Centre Management who will advise you of our requirements. Any alterations to signage on your premises also require prior approval from Centre Management.

3.3 Centre Cleaning

Cleaning throughout the Centre is carried out by contract cleaners.  The Centre’s cleaning contractors are responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy environment for customers in the common areas. To avoid possible injury or accident, please advise the cleaners or Centre Management immediately of any spills or other potential hazards. The cleanliness of your own store, including windows and shop signage, is your own responsibility.

3.4 Common Area Use

No samples, pamphlets, stickers, magazines, cards, signs or any other promotional or advertising material are to be distributed or displayed within any common areas (carparks, garden areas, nature strips, roadways and footpaths included) or placed on car windscreens. Loudspeakers and such, must not be visible or audible outside your store. Handwritten signs are not to be used anywhere in centre.

3.5 Customer Accidents

Accidents involving the general public in the Centre, even minor ones, involve the possibility of legal proceedings. Therefore all tenants need to be vigilant to minimise the risk of injury to the public.

It is in the interest of all concerned to be aware of and to ensure that all areas are hazard free.

Should you observe an accident please contact Security on 0435 762 314 or Centre Management on 07 5534 6722 immediately and render the appropriate assistance. It is important that Security or Centre Management is advised of all incidents.

3.6 Goods Delivery and Loading

The loading docks are located around the Centre and are for delivery and unloading of goods only.

The Woolworths, Aldi, Kmart and Coles Docks are EXCLUSIVLY for their use and must not be used by any other tenants.

NO PARKING is allowed in any loading dock area, EVER.

Centre Management staff are not permitted to accept or sign for goods on behalf of tenants. Goods and equipment are not to be stored or left in any area not specifically designated for this purpose. Please ensure that vehicles are not parked within the confines of the loading areas unless actually loading or unloading. Vehicles are not to be parked in any bus stop, taxi bay, street/mall or on footpaths.

3.7 Pest Control

Tenants must maintain their premises free from pests and vermin. Contractors are employed by Centre Management to keep the common areas free of infestation.

3.8 Rubbish/Refuse Removal

Tenants are fully responsible for the removal of rubbish from their premises. Rubbish and dirt must not be swept into the public area, nor are Centre rubbish bins to be used to empty tenant waste bins. Where possible, rubbish should be removed via access doors nearest to the compactors.  There are cardboard cages and compactors for disposal of relevant waste located in the Centre. The cardboard cages are to be used only for flattened cardboard waste. All other everyday waste is to be disposed in the compactors. To avoid hygiene and odour problems in our hot climate, all wet refuse or food waste must be placed in plastic bags and tied before disposal in the compactor. Cardboard is to be broken down and flattened.

Old equipment, shop fittings and pallets must be disposed of at you cost by arranging suitable collection by a registered disposal company or removal off site to a suitable commercial dumping service. Under no circumstances should this type of material be placed in the centre compactor. Note that the compactors are covered by CCTV.

3.9 Smoking Policy

Tenants and staff should be aware of the State Government legislation in regard to smoking bans. Smoking is prohibited in substantially enclosed and covered areas and areas that have no smoking signage in place. In addition smoking is prohibited within 4 metres of an entrance to a non-residential building.  

3.10 Solicitation of Business

Tenants and their staff are not permitted to solicit business and/or distribute handbills or any other form of advertising material in the public areas of The Pines Elanora without prior approval from Centre Management.

3.11 Staff Parking

There are two designated staff parking areas at The Pines Elanora Please ensure ALL staff park in designated areas only see illustration below;

Under no circumstances are staff allowed to park in the rooftop solar car park. Fines will be applied for any staff member who parks in that car park.

1) the area behind Coles and Kmart and

2) the top level of the Southern Car park (the area most away from the Library building).  

3.12 Store Housekeeping

Tenants are required to keep their premises, shopfront, signs and glass clean and free of rubbish and dirt. All rubbish should be disposed of regularly in the appropriate compactor.

3.13 Store Maintenance

Please note that under NO circumstances is any form of contractual work to be carried out inside or outside any tenancy without prior approval from Centre Management. Contractors must submit insurance details and be inducted annually prior to commencing work and MUST sign in at Centre Management when they arrive onsite. Noise and dust generating works will not be permitted during trading hours. Any works requiring access after the centre closes will require security to be on site at the tenant cost. Note that minimum shift requirements apply.

3.14 Store Lighting

Your store, including signage, is to be 100% illuminated during trading hours and any defective tubes or bulbs must be replaced immediately to keep the standard of display at the highest possible level.

3.15 Trolleys

Trolleys are provided by Coles, Kmart, Woolworths & ALDI, at considerable expense, for their customers’ benefit. These trolleys are not for the use of individual stores at any time. Note that any shop deciding to provide trolleys for customer use MUST ensure that they are suitable for use on the travellators.

3.16 Compactor Keys

A key is required to operate the compactors and this is available from the Operations Manager at Centre Management on 5534 6722. Because of Workplace Health and Safety Requirements a key cannot be issued to anyone who has not undergone training. The Operations Manager will arrange a training session as required.