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Meet the Retailers
Meet the Retailers

Diamontime and Sandwich Chefs join The Pines Elanora

We are excited to announce Diamontime and Sandwich Chefs opening new stores here at The Pines Elanora!

Sandwich Chefs (Opening soon) started when three great mates walked into a sandwich bar…
This was the beginning of a true story that formed a delicious partnership, driven by the desire to make the kind of sandwiches that people can’t make at home. After lots of questions and even more taste tests, they opened their first of many Sandwich Chefs stores. The trio don’t always agree on how to do things, except for when it comes to making sandwiches properly. This includes having fresh local produce delivered daily, sourcing artisan bread and making as much from scratch as possible including 14 hour slow-roasted pork and crackling.

Diamontime (now open next to Liquorland) has been a family owned and operated business for over 38 years, Diamontime is where you will find the finest quality jewellery, commitment to customer service and knowledge that your precious pieces are in the safest of hands.

As members of Showcase, a group of independent family owned and operated jewellery stores they have access to an extensive supplier base and exclusive diamond brands. With there welcoming smiles and impeccable customer service, when you walk into Diamontime Showcase Jewellers you will truly  feel like you are shopping in your local trusted family jewellers.