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Taboon Wins ‘Best Middle Eastern Restaurant’ Award


Take one Australian restaurateur and drop him into the melting pot of the Middle East. Leave him there for 12 years, letting him stew for a while to learn the language, assimilate culturally and love the food. Then transport him back to Australia landing him on the Gold Coast. Add some foodie investors to the mix and the result is Taboon.

Taboon is Arabic for stone oven, and it’s the heart of our café and soul of this fresh cooking style. It’s inspired by the suburban bakeries and eating houses popular throughout the region. Taboon takes a fresh and exciting look at traditional Middle Eastern food. Our cuisine draws its influence from Marrakesh to Istanbul, Cairo to Beirut with a big stop in Tel Aviv. It is unique and quirky and has been embraced by locals from Byron Bay to Brisbane.

Taboon at The Pines has won the award for ‘Best Middle Eastern Restaurant’ in the 2016 Gold Coast Restaurant Industry Peer to Peer Awards.

Congratulations to the Taboon team!

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