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The Pines Kid’s Club Presents ‘ Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Sensory Play’ – Tuesday 12th October

The Pines Kid’s Club presents our October event, Tuesday 12th October “Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary hosts sensory play”.

Designed specifically for 2-5 year olds. Sensory activities – Feathers, snake skins, skulls, nests, koala poo and wombat poo! … Children will use sense of sight, touch** and smell to explore and identify which animal left us the treasures in our special sensory boxes!

Children will also explore our mini collection of artefacts and learn how to look for animal treasure (artefacts and evidence).

After our incursion visit, children can continue to adventure to look for animal treasures with their educator or parent in their own centre playground or backyard.

  • Session 1: 9.00am – 10.00am – to register click here 
  • Session 2: 10.00am – 11.00am, to register click here