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What’s On


The Pines Elanora proudly supports a variety of local community groups and initiatives right across the southern Gold Coast, connecting local people with the causes that matter most to them.

Throughout the year, we welcome many local non-profit and charity based organisations into the centre to help them raise awareness, including Surf Life Saving Queensland, the Lions Club and Rotary as well as Guide Dogs and other charities.

We welcome non-profit organisations, charities and initiatives to apply to book our community space at The Pines Elanora by contacting Centre Management on 07 5534 6722.

Community Noticeboard

If you want to spread the word about something you would like to sell or something that’s happening in our local community, our Community Noticeboard is the ideal place to do so. We encourage you to post notices that you think our broad audience would be interested in.

Pick up a Community Notice Card from the Centre Management Office, write your notice clearly, and attach a picture if you have one. All notices can stay on display for two weeks.

Please be aware that we will not approve notices that are defamatory, abusive or obscene; in violation of others’ intellectual property rights; deceptive, fraudulent or misleading; in violation of any law or regulation; or otherwise offensive.

We look forward to helping you spread the word!

Terms & Conditions Apply

Shared Transport

Need to get out and about to appointments and social gatherings but don’t drive? Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services will pick you up on time, every time. Since 1998 Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services have been providing Shared Transport to people with a disability and seniors over 65 years of age, living independently in the community.

This Shared Transport option is a door-to-door service at a low, flat rate to any destination on the Gold Coast. Clients can use this service to see their doctor, attend events, visit the library, go out for lunch or even just grab a few things from the shop. Those requiring assistance may also benefit from our team of volunteer carers.

Just ask Dirlenn, a long-time client and passenger. “They provide stress free shopping trips, travel to interesting places on trips, visits to doctors and social outings. In other words they tick all the boxes! Keep up the good work! Long may they continue!”

Find out more about Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services here!